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Foreign trade administration

Import / Export licences

The Community Regulations which introduced import and export licences provide that all imports into the Community and all exports from it of agricultural products are subject to issuing of such a licence. The object of import and export licences is the sound administration of the common market organisation. Some operations relate to small quantities and, in the interests of simplifying administrative procedures, import and export licences are not required. Import/ export licences are issued by the Export and Import measures Administration unit of the National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture.
The import or export licence constitute authorisation and give rise to an obligation respectively to import or to export under the licence the specified quantity of the products or goods concerned, except in cases of force majeure, during the period of its validity Licence with advance fixing gives a right to export refund. The issue of a licence is conditioned by the payment of a security ensuring that import or export shall be performed in the term of validity of a licence. A security must be submitted on time.
A licence can be acquired by a natural or legal person established in the EU.
Lodging of applications
The day an application for a licence is lodged means the day on which it is received by the Export and Import measures Administration unit, provided it is received not later than 2 p.m., regardless of whether the application is delivered direct to the competent body or forwarded to it by letter.
No applications for a licence are accepted unless an adequate security has been lodged with the competent body not later than 2 p.m. on the day the application is lodged. Where the security on a licence or certificate comes to EUR 100 or less, or where the licence is drawn up in the name of an intervention agency, no security shall be required.
Application forms
Applications for licences or certificates, licences and certificates and extracts therefore shall be drawn up on forms conforming to the specimens set out in Annex I of Commission Delegated Regulation (EC) No 2016/1237 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EC) No 2016/1239. Such forms must be completed following the instructions given therein and in accordance with the specific Community provisions applicable to the relevant product sector.
Issue of import or export licence
The Export and Import measures Administration unit issues an import or export licence in electronic form. If and import or export licence is in printed form, it is printed in two copies (first copy for the addressee and the second for the issuing body). The original of the import or export licence must be returned to the Export and Import measures Administration unit by the applicant for the security to be released.
Entries made on licences, certificates or extracts after their issue may not be altered.
Transfer of a licence
Holders of licences can transfer rights deriving from licences to another persons, during the period of their validity. Such transfer may be made in favour of a single transferee only for each licence or extract therefore. It shall relate to quantities not yet attributed to the licence or extract.
Transferees may not further transfer their rights but may transfer them back to the titular holder. Transfers back to the titular holder shall relate to quantities not yet attributed to the licence or extract.
For the execution of more transactions simultaneously on the basis of one licence, the Export and Import measures Administration unit can issue one or more extracts upon request of a holder or transferee. The extract has the same legal effect as the original licence.
Replacement licence
Export and Import measures Administration unit issues a replacement licence upon request of an applicant when the original licence is lost and export refund is more than zero.
When the replacement licence or certificate or replacement extract is lost, no further replacement licence or certificate or extract shall be issued.
A replacement licence contains data and entries of the primary licence and is issued for the quantity stated on the original licence. Field 22 is completed with the following data: ,,Replacement licence (certificate or extract) of a lost licence (certificate or extract) — Number of original licence (certificate) …“
Withdrawing the licence or extending the validity of the licence
When circumstances arise that represent force majeure, the Export and Import measures Administration unit extends the term of validity or repeals the licence and releases the security upon request of an applicant. For this purpose the applicant submits proofs about the circumstance representing force majeure within six months from the expiry of a licence validity term.
Legal basis
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