“Trust line” ensures transparency of NPA activities | “Trust line” ensures transparency of NPA activities
National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
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“Trust line” ensures transparency of NPA activities

“Trust line” ensures transparency of NPA activities
Aiming to be a reliable organization, the National Paying Agency (NPA) fosters one of its core values – transparency. The “Trust line“ is an efficient and convenient tool for a higher transparency. Inhabitants of Lithuania are invited to use this line.
The “Trust line” is getting more and more popular: 1238 reports were received last year, while 1900 reports have already been received in 2021.
The majority of reports received by the NPA via the "Trust line" in 2020 were about possible violations and discrepancies related to the agriculture support measures. Also, 10 reports were received on potentially inaccurate on-the-spot checks. 200 reports were not related to the NPA activities, so this information was transferred to other institutions.
On the grounds of received reports, last year the NPA performed 670 on-the-spot checks. This is the highest number since 2011. Information about violations was confirmed in 405 cases (60 percent).
The NPA highly appreciates the activity and willingness of the Lithuanian society to cooperate. Each report is investigated in accordance with the procedures and, if necessary, on-the-sport check is performed. If the report is not within the competence of the NPA, it is forwarded to other responsible institutions.
Using the “Trust Line” people at any time can anonymously provide information about possible abuse related to illegal absorption of the support. Also, the "Trust Line” can be used to report about possibly non-transparent activities of the NPA employees. This helps to develop transparent process of support administration.
The phone number of the answering machine for the "Trust line" is +370 5 260 7901. Also, a report can be submitted here.
Last updated: 2021-08-25 10:16