The second Interreg Europe project meeting hosted by NPA, Lithuania | The second Interreg Europe project meeting hosted by NPA, Lithuania
National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
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The second Interreg Europe project meeting hosted by NPA, Lithuania

The second Interreg Europe project meeting hosted by NPA, Lithuania
The National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuania, (NPA), hosted the second meeting of Interreg Europe programme-funded Agrirenaissance project partners and stakeholders. Project objective – promoting development of innovation-driven agri-food sectors for European industrial renaissance.
The second Interreg Europe Agrirenaissance project partner and stakeholder meeting or the so-called field visit was organised by the NPA in Lithuania on 20-21 March 2019.  During the two-day event project partners from Spain, Portugal, Poland and Italy familiarised themselves with the overall progress of the project, that was presented by the Spanish project leaders, with the achievements of Lithuania in the innovation-driven agri-food sector.  In the course of the day the guests got to know more in detail about the development of the Lithuanian innovation reform, about the Lithuanian agri-food science and research institutions and their modern research centres/laboratories, about the Lithuanian innovative enterprises and their production facilities equipped with scientifically grounded technology lines. Continuous successful collaboration between science/research institutions and agri-food enterprises has resulted in novel and unique products as well as in innovative cost-effective services, answering the quality and efficiency standards.  
This information has been presented by the representatives of the Lithuanian Agrarian Economics Institute, Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Vytautas Magnus Agriculture Academy, GEOMATRIX enterprise, AUGA Group.
During the second day of the visit the project partners had a possibility to see first-hand the up and running enterprises and research centres: Pienas LT (innovative protein-related  production), JSC Mėlyne (liofilisation), Institute of Horticulture under the Lithuanian Agriculture and Forestry Science Centre (modern laboratories including those involved in genetic research). The second part of the day was dedicated to the peer review of the project part, which is under the implementation of the Lithuanian partners. The objective of the peer review workshop – getting the feedback of the participants/peers of the Peer Review visit in Lithuania, identifying improvement areas in the research & innovation as well as in investment policies for the agri-food sector in Lithuania, the lessons learnt, the potential actions that participants/peers could introduce in their policies.
Here you can find more info about the project:
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