Public consultation started on the CAP post 2020 | Public consultation started on the CAP post 2020
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Public consultation started on the CAP post 2020

Public consultation started on the CAP post 2020
Though implementation of CAP provisions agreed upon in 2013 reached  its halfway, discussions on the prospects of CAP post 2020 already started at the EU institutions, the member state agricultural ministries and other official-level meetings.
Striving to receive a wider scope of views and diversity of proposals by including representatives of farmers, rural communities, rural NGOs, scientists, etc., on further development of agriculture and rural areas, the European Commission (EC) proclaimed a public consultation on CAP prospects.  
The EC focuses on two aspects of the CAP. The first aspect – simplification of CAP, striving to reduce the administrative burden on farmers, to make the policy provisions clearer and easier to implement. The second one – modernisation of CAP, taking into account future challenges (ensuring  food supplies, implementation of climate change commitments and sustainable development goals, fluctuation of agricultural and food products‘ prices, market volatility).  Both acomponents are influencing the directions of agricultural and rural development after 2020.
The public consultation will last for 12 weeks (until May of the current year), and in July the EC is planning to have a conference to discuss the results of the initiative.  By the end of the year the EC will publish a Communiqué on CAP simplification and modernisation with identified CAP post 2020 guidelines.
All those who are interested in the future of agriculture and rural areas are invited to actively participate in the public consultation on future directions of the CAP. 
For more information and the questionnaire please follow the link.
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