NPA achievements – at international conference | NPA achievements – at international conference
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NPA achievements – at international conference

NPA achievements – at international conference
In early October the NPA experience on optimising in Lithuania the on-the-spot checks mechanism was presented at the fiftieth international Panta Rhei conference in Riga.
"Initiation of legislative changes,  modification of selection mechanism, increasing the number of remote controls, introduction of modern tools in the daily activities including electronic reporting made it possible to significantly reduce the number of on-the-spot checks in Lithuania and to increase speed and quality of their execution," – the NPA Director Erikas Bėrontas stated to the representatives from all the EU member states, participating at the conference. The participants of the event acknowledged that Lithuania is among the five EU countries, which managed this year to optimise the on-the-spot checks mechanism and to reduce the number of controls.
Last year, at the beginning of the new programming period and upon the emergence of new requirements, the NPA inspectors executed a record number of on-the-spot checks – only in September there were almost 7 thousand controls carried out. Therefore, decisions had to be made on how to reduce the number of on- the-spot checks and at the same time to ensure their quality. Among the decisions – improving the mechanism of controls selection, with an increased focus on the identified risk groups, and with less attention to active farmers. The number of remotely controlled checks was significantly increased – over 60 per cent of applicants were checked, 54 per cent of area measured using this method. Control on compliance with certain requirements started  in March basing on  2015 reference data.
Therefore in 2016 the number of checked parcels as compared to 2015 halved from 117 thousand down to 65 thousand. and physically measured area – from 285 thousand ha in 2015 to 177 thousand ha in 2016. The reduced number of on-the-spot checks allowed to save time, to reduce the financial resources, to ensure high-quality performance of checks, and at the same time – to prepare properly for the advance direct payments.  It is planned to reduce the number of inspections also inr 2017: active farmers will be visited less frequently, but those assigned to the group of risky applicants will not be forgotten.
Panta Rhei is the association which brings together information technology representatives of the EU member states’ paying agencies. Conferences initiated by Panta Rhei are held twice a year in a different country. The aim of these events is to strengthen international cooperation and to exchange good practices among the paying agencies in the area of information technology, thus improving the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy.
Some interesting facts
• The on-the-spot checks of area based measures are carried out by 120 inspectors working at ten territorial units of the NPA .
• In 2015 they visited 17 thousand applicants, and in 2016 the number of visited applicants  dropped to 12 thousand (data as of the end of September 2016).
• Photos of satellite images made in 2016 cover 19 800 km² of the Lithuanian territory. Such  areas could be checked remotely.
• It is estimated that checks made remotely are conducted three times faster, and their costs are twice lower compared to standard controls.
Here you may find the report of Erikas Bėrontas (in English).
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