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EU support for farmers affected by natural disaster has been approved

EU support for farmers affected by natural disaster has been approved
The European Commission (EC) has approved Implementing Regulation No. 2018/108, in which it designated 9.12 million euros’ support for Lithuanian farmers affected by the long-lasting rains and floods.
In total, the EC assigned 15 million euros to support three Baltic States and Finland.
Long-lasting rains have destroyed crops during the last years’ harvesting period. In October 2017, Lithuanian President, Government and Ministry of Agriculture appealed to the EC, asking to cover damage to farmers affected by the rains.
Farmers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, who own the crops that because of long lasting-rains in August-October 2017 are no longer suitable for winter sowing, or own 2018-2019 trade year harvest areas, that have already been sown, but were lost due to abovementioned reasons, are eligible for EU support with a condition that hectare number of such agricultural land make up no less than 30 percent of the total winter crops area owned by a farmer. It is also important that farmers do not receive any national support, insurance payment or EU financial support for the same damage, except from those provided in this Regulation.
The latest date for the payment is 30th September 2018, but Ministry of Agriculture will put their efforts to proceed it as soon as possible.
All four countries are allowed to supplement EU support funds with the national contribution of the same size.
The article is based on information of the Ministry of Agriculture
Last updated: 2018-03-12 10:52