Cherishing national heritage in Lithuania | Cherishing national heritage in Lithuania
National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
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Cherishing national heritage in Lithuania

Cherishing national heritage in Lithuania
Traditional crafts, reflecting lasting Lithuanian traditions and local specifics, become an attractive activity of today. Last week the Ministry of Agriculture organised a conference “National heritage in Lithuania – challenges and perspectives”, which brought together the best Lithuanian craftsmen, representatives of the municipalities and all those interested in this activity.  
Cherishing of traditional crafts, inherent to a certain area or ethnographic region, is a significant means of increasing country‘s vitality and attractiveness. Law on National Heritage Products was approved less than 10 years ago, however the national heritage becomes more popular and recognizable both in Lithuania and abroad.  National heritage  comprises both tangible and intangible assets, created by the nation in the past and retained until nowadays.
Currently there are 20 National Heritage Centres (NHC) set up in Lithuania in accordance with the law. 8 of NHC are up and running within the national heritage objects. According to the results of a survey of NHC staff,  ten most popular crafts have been specified: ceramics, weaving, carving, culinary heritage, cane weaving, cutting, decorating Easter eggs, ribbon weaving, candle making, knitting.
There are 62 craftsmen working in the country, 162 crafts’ activities are developed, cooperation is ongoing with 195 craftsmen, who produce certified goods of national heritage, as well as with 43 assessed craftsmen. 15 training programmes are implemented within the NHC. 
However, despite of increasing interest in traditional crafts, there are still certain problems in this area, including low entrepreneurship, publicity and marketing, insufficient competence, lack of motivation and system of raising qualification, weak craftsmen’ organisations, etc. There are still problems related to certification of  national heritage foodstuffs. Quite a number of baked goods, milk and meat products, candies, beer and wine have already been acknowledged as a produce of national heritage.  
The National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture  (NPA) administers state aid in accordance with the Financing rules of the national heritage activity. Applications are collected, evaluated and support is approved by the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture.  The approved applications are passed to the NPA. The NPA after having evaluated payment claims and supporting documents, submitted by the beneficiaries,  pays  out the support. In 2016  the amount of support allocated for this measure made EUR 116 000,00; which was distributed among 77 beneficiaries.  The support is granted for creation, production, delivery, demonstration of traditional crafts‘ produce in Lithuania and abroad, for organisation of educational events, publishing of editions for promotion of national heritage produce. 
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