A record number of advance direct payments paid out | A record number of advance direct payments paid out
National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
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A record number of advance direct payments paid out

A record number of advance direct payments paid out
The National Paying Agency (NPA) is completing paying advance direct payments to farmers who this year have declared agricultural land and crops. The NPA achieved the priority objective set for this year – the advance was paid out to 99.7 per cent of potential beneficiaries.
In the period of 17 October 17 – 14 November 131.5 thousand of Lithuanian farmers received over 270 million euros of advance direct payments. It should be noted, that the paid amount exceeded the payment plan by more than 18 million euros. The advance for the declared agricultural land and crops replenished the accounts of 99.7 per cent of farmers, complying with the terms of support, making  - 131.9 thousand in total. Meanwhile, in 2015 the advance was paid to 94 per cent of applicants.
The improved process of application administration helped to pay support not only to a larger number of applicants, but also to do this in a shorter time period. In 2016 advance direct payments reached farmers’ accounts in one month.
Wider process of digitisation faster data retrieval from other institutions, more intensive communication with the applicants by means of modern technology, the information portal update, frontloading of on-the-spot checks and reduction of their number, earlier end term of declaration and other measures contributed to a higher speed of claims administration. Thus, the concentrated efforts of the NPA specialists to improve the efficiency of the administration process helped not only to achieve but also to exceed the set goals. 
After implementation of preparatory work by the NPA, as of 1 December payment will start not only of the remaining part of direct aid, but also of the support for area-based measures under the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. Last year, as of 1 December, support only for farming in less favored areas was paid. This year support will be paid to other applicants participating in the RDP area-based measures, if they comply with the requirements of getting support and if they fulfill undertaken commitments. Applicants involved in organic farming, will be among those receiving support, since they have already submitted information about their sold production to “Ekoagros”.
Lithuania is among the countries, most successfully paying advances in the EU.
Last updated: 2017-02-08 10:59