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Advance payments will make 70% of direct support

Category - Direct payments and support for declared areas

On the basis of the decision by the European Commission, Lithuania and the other 9 Member States got permission to pay 70% advance payments for agricultural land areas that are declared and eligible for the direct payments.


Farmers versus civil servants: no red tape anymore

Category - About NPA

A two-day Learning Network meeting, devoted to the introduction of new technologies to simplify the Common Agricultural Reform, was held on 14-15 September at the National Paying Agency, bringing together the Directors of the EU paying agencies and representatives of the European Commission. 


RECAP policy session will be held in Brussels

Category - About NPA

At the end of September of the current year a review meeting will take place in Brussels between the RECAP project team and the European Commission (EC) representatives. 


NPA employees – closer to beneficiaries

Category - About NPA

A few years in a row National Paying Agency is organising external training in accordance with the programme “NPA employees – closer to beneficiaries”.


About Horizon 2020 RECAP project – clearly and concisely

Category - About NPA

Currently the implementation of the RECAP project funded by the EC Horizon 2020 programme (Reinforcing CAP-peRsonalised public sErvices in support of the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy) entered one of its vital phases – preparation for launching a pilot platform.


Achievements of Rural Development Programme 2014–2016

Category - General information

Implementation of the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 (the Programme) is well in progress. Farmers are becoming more determined to use support measures of the European Union – this programme gives an opportunity to establish farms, renovate them, create communities and start own business. Ministry of Agriculture does an accurate monitoring of the programme, reacts both to suggestions of the social partners and statistics of applications which shows the real demand of funds and abbilities of farmers.


Visit of French diplomats to the NPA

Category - About NPA

In June of the current year the Counsellor of the French Embassy in Poland Jean-Louis Buer, responsible for agriculture and food industry in Poland, in the Baltic States and Hungary, visited Lithuania. 


Satellite imagery will prevent irregularities

Category - About NPA

'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind' – these words were pronounced by an American astronaut Neil Armstrong when he made the first steps on the Moon. Sentinel satellite imagery is a big jump both for the National Paying Agency and all farmers of our country.