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Aiming to accelerate innovations in agri-food sector

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The National Paying Agency (NPA), together with partners from 4 EU Member States, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Italy, is implementing the Agri Renaissance project, which aims to promote scientific and technological innovations in the agri-food sector. The project is funded by the European Union (EU) Interreg Europe programme.


Support to short food supply chains in Lithuania

Category - Support for investment projects

Yesterday – in the farmer's garden, today – already on the family table. For many buyers who value freshness and quality, it is already common to buy vegetables, fruits and berries, cheese, sausages and other farm-grown or farm-produced products directly from farmers. 


Agrirenaissance: sharing experience about innovations in...

Category - About NPA

The project "Innovation-driven agri-food sectors for a European industrial renaissance" (AgriRenaissance) is financed by the INTERREG Europe programme and is implemented by the consortium comprising five EU member states: Spain (lead partner), Lithuania (National Paying Agency – NPA), Poland, Portugal and Italy. In the framework of the above project, in March 2020, a study visit of the project partners and stakeholders took place in Portugal. The aim of the meeting was to familiarise first-hand with the agri-food sector development in Portugal, to share experience in the area of related innovations among the project partners and stakeholders. Currently the NPA, among other AgriRenaissance-related issues, focuses on planning the implementation of the Lithuanian Action Plan, targeted at the activities that will promote innovations in agri-food sector in Lithuania.


The European Commission approved measures to help...

Category - General information

After an unprecedented crisis that Europe incurred due to coronavirus outbreak, the European Commission (EC) announced about a package of nęw measures to help agri-food sector. The Coronavirus Investment Initiative Plus (CRII +) proposed by the EC will facilitate the use of European Structural Investment Funds, including the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The initiative, which increases the flexibility of using EAFRD funds, will support farmers, rural areas and the European Union member states.


Smart Agricultural Monitoring – Future is Here!

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“DIONE will provide important socio-economic benefits, such as significant reduction of operational costs, improved delivery reliability towards on time full delivery, reductions of on-site inspections, while in parallel will improve resolution accuracy level of Sentinel data and enrich the portfolio of monitoring/evaluating services, differentiated in efficiency and reliability.”, highlighted Dr. Amditis, the project’s coordinator.


Lithuania is ready to implement the area monitoring system

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A delegation from the European Commission Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (EC DG AGRI) has recently visited Vilnius and met the representatives of the National Paying Agency (NPA) and the Ministry of Agriculture. 


Horizon 2020 project DIONE kick-off meeting in Greece

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The first meeting with all project partners of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme project DIONE took place the last week of January in Athens, Greece. It was hosted by ICCS – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, the Project Coordinator at the Divani Acropolis Palace, Athens. The Horizon 2020 project will last until June 2022. Among the partners of the project consortium – the National Paying Agency, Lithuania.


Representatives of the NPA visited their colleagues in...

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Representatives of the National Paying Agency (NPA) on 29-30 January visited their colleagues in the Rural Support Service (RSS) in Latvia. During the meeting in Riga the experience on support management was exchanged, solutions were sought to improve the functioning of institutions and to strengthen mutual cooperation.