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“NMA agro” – among the best examples of digital...

Category - About NPA

Mobile app “NMA agro” was nominated as one of the best examples in the ITU and FAO Regional Contest on "Digital Excellence in Agriculture in Europe and Central Asia".


Representatives of the Baltic States and Polish paying...

Category - About NPA

The 19th conference of the paying agencies of the Baltic States and Poland took place in Palanga, Lithuania, on 16-17 September 2021. Experience of support administration, challenges of COVID-19 were presented and future plans were shared during this event, organised by the National Paying Agency of Lithuania (NPA).


“Trust line” ensures transparency of NPA activities

Category - About NPA

Aiming to be a reliable organization, the National Paying Agency (NPA) fosters one of its core values – transparency. The “Trust line“ is an efficient and convenient tool for a higher transparency. Inhabitants of Lithuania are invited to use this line.


NPA ensures customer data security

Category - General information

National Paying Agency (NPA) manages information in accordance with the best practices of information security. This has just been confirmed by independent auditors who completed the process of re-certification.


New H2020 project EIFFEL – a game changer in EO...

EIFFEL (REVEALING THE ROLE OF GEOSS AS THE DEFAULT DIGITAL PORTAL FOR BUILDING CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION & MITIGATION APPLICATIONS), a new project coordinated by ICCS and funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme will be officially launched on 22-23 June 2021.


Quality of NPA’s services is approved

Category - About NPA

Independent auditors have just approved that the Quality Management System in the NPA is running smoothly and that it perfectly meets the requirements of the standard.


Significance of NPA E-services is continuously increasing

Category - About NPA

Lithuanian farmers are actively using the electronic services of the National Paying Agency (NPA). These services are being constantly improved and their functions – expanded. 



Category - About NPA

Aerial drones are bringing a new wave of tech into modern farming, contributing to the modernisation of IACS processes and therefore – to a more effective National Paying Agency (NPA) work.