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Cherishing national heritage in Lithuania

Category - General information

Traditional crafts, reflecting lasting Lithuanian traditions and local specifics, become an attractive activity of today. Last week the Ministry of Agriculture organised a conference “National heritage in Lithuania – challenges and perspectives”, which brought together the best Lithuanian craftsmen, representatives of the municipalities and all those interested in this activity.  


Website was created for presenting Horizon 2020 project

Category - About NPA

The National Paying Agency with their partners from Greece, United Kingdom, Serbia and Spain in 2016 started to implement project „PeRsonalised public sErvices in support of the implementation of the CAP“ financed  by the EU programme Horizon 2020.


Visit of delegation from Polish Paying Agency

Category - About NPA

Last week the National Paying Agency (NPA) hosted a delegation from the Polish Paying Agency – the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture (ARMA).


A record number of advance direct payments paid out

Category - Direct payments and support for declared areas

The National Paying Agency is completing paying advance direct payments to farmers who this year have declared agricultural land and crops. 


NPA achievements – at international conference

Category - About NPA

In early October the NPA experience on optimising in Lithuania the on-the-spot checks mechanism was presented at the fiftieth international Panta Rhei conference in Riga.


The “Trust line" helps to ensure transparency

Category - About NPA

Transparency – one of the cornerstone values of the National Paying Agency (NPA) policy making process. 


Lithuanian experience for colleagues in Macedonia

Category - About NPA

A team of Lithuanian experts, will be implementing the European Union (EU) Twinning Light Project “Strengthening the capacities of the national authorities for sound and efficient management of the EU Funds, as well as in view of the new EU Regulation for the 2014-2020 Financial Perspective” in Macedonia. 


15th Conference of the Baltic and Polish Paying Agencies

Category - About NPA

The 15th conference of the paying agencies of the Baltic States and Poland took place in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 24-26 August 2016.