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H2020 EO4AGRI kick-off meeting in Brussels

H2020 EO4AGRI kick-off meeting in Brussels
A kick-off meeting of the Horizon 2020 project “Bringing together the Knowledge for Better Agriculture Monitoring” (EO4AGRI) was held in Brussels in November 2018. The National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture  (NPA) is among the members of the EO4AGRI project consortium, comprising 11 partners.
The main objective of EO4AGRI is to catalyse the evolution of the European capacity for improving operational agriculture monitoring from local to global levels based on information derived from Copernicus satellite observation data and through exploitation of associated geospatial and socio-economic information services.
Among other assignments, EO4AGRI assists the implementation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with special attention to the CAP2020 reform, to requirements of the EU Paying Agencies, and for the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) processes.
The EO4AGRI team consists of 11 organisations, complementary in their roles and expertise, covering a good part of the value-chain with a significant relevant networking capital. All partners, including the NPA, show large records of Copernicus satellite observation data-related activities either in Copernicus research and technology development, governmental functions, or downstream service operations. The EO4AGRI project methodology is a combination of community building, service gap analysis, technology watch, strategic research agenda design and policy recommendations.  
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 821940.
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